How to Update WordPress, Plugins and Theme to the Latest Version

How to Update WordPress, Plugins and Theme to the Latest Version

Just like your software programs, new versions of plugins and WordPress are developed all the time. This is in-fact one of the biggest reasons WordPress powers almost 70% of all websites online today. Updating your plugins and to the latest version of WordPress if free and something that should always be done.

For this reason, you should do regular updates to:

  • Keep up with the latest WordPress technology and take advantages of improved features.
  • Provides better security helping minimize hackers from breaking into your website and causing trouble.
  • Assures your site is functioning without errors and automatically fix bugs.

WordPress makes this simple and let’s you know whenever there is an available update either to the platform or plugins. In most cases, you can even set it to “update automatically” which gives you a hands-off approach.

Every time you login to WordPress you’re brought in to your Dashboard. If you see a little red circle with a number in the center, it’s time to update to the latest version.

Here’s how to automatically update your WordPress.

1. Update plugins and themes to its latest version. As you can see, there’s one update (sometimes 2, 3, or even more) as indicated by the menu item “Updates” with red circle.

2. Click “Updates” menu. You will be redirected to WordPress Updates page.

     3Scroll down to see what plugins and themes need updating.

     4Check box to select the plugin or theme that needs update. If you have two or more plugins that needs updating, tick “Select All” box.

     5Click the “Update Plugins” button.

     6Update/s should be completed in just several seconds.

     7That’s all she wrote! Return to the WordPress updates page and update any theme or plugins to the latest version regulatory.