Domain and WordPress Hosting Service

Domain and WordPress Hosting Service

Your 6 free WordPress websites are almost ready to go, but in order to make them viewable on the internet you need a domain and web hosting account. Make sure also that your domain’s DNS is already configured to work with your webhost which allows you site files to be seen.

Sound too technical, don’t worry as we’re going to explain everything on domains and hosting in detail below.

Web Hosting

When setting up your free WordPress websites, you need to have your own web hosting account. This is where your files will be uploaded so your website can be viewed like any other site on the internet.

Please ensure that the webhost will allow you to set up WordPress and also allow you to add a MySQL database. To make it easier, we’ve already pre-selected the the best domain and hosting providers while looking at price, quality and value which we’ll go into greater detail below.

We strongly recommend looking for Web Hosts that use cPanel and WHM as they keep everything simple which is a better platform for those just starting out. cPanel and WHM can be found on the most reputable hosting servers including HostGator and GoDaddy.

Most hosting providers like HostGator and GoDaddy offer cPanel for free which enables you to run and maintain your website with ease.

Learn more about cPanel here.

**Recommended cPanel Enabled Webhosts**

FastComet has quickly become the most reputable company in the web hosting industry which offers great security, newbie friendly and tremendous value. Their support is second to none, and when comparing them with other hosting providers their value and performance is second to none.


You also need to have a domain name ready for it (or can be purchased later). Simply put, a domain name is the name of your website and is made up of a series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods. Ex.,,, etc…

For those asking where to buy domain name, we recommend Name Cheap who offers not only affordable pricing, but secures your site with an optional SSL certificate. For what you would pay for a leading .com domain through other registrars you can get a Name Cheap domain with SSL for much less.

Managing Your Sites

You can put the blog under a subdomain or under a directory within your existing domain like we did with our 6 demo sites you received. This will save you the trouble of having to purchase 6 different domains, setup on all 6, and ongoing maintenance. However, if you’re intent on growing your empire we strongly recommend purchasing a unique domain for each website.

Beginner’s Course for WordPress Video Series

For WordPress beginners, we have set up a step by step over-the-shoulder video tutorial detailing everything there is to know about WordPress here: Beginner’s Course for WordPress Video Series.

We also offer installation of all 6 of your websites on your own server for a very small charge. If researched, this will typically cost you at least $20 per site meaning $100 out of pocket to install your sites, but we want you to be successful and charge a fraction of this.

This introductory rate of only $50 for all 6 websites only applies to these 6 and does not apply to future sites purchased either through us or 3rd party retailer. In most cases, we’ll have your sites up and running on your server in as little as 48 hours, assuming you already have your domain and hosting account secured.

If interested in us installing your sites for you or if you have other questions, you can always reach out to us using our secure contact form below: